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Old Keys Don’t Open New Locks

As a young lad about 10 years old, I remember taking a shortcut across a

Bias of Aging

I dove into my list of Blog topics I keep adding to for this week’s

Parenting and Surrendering

I was chatting with a new friend recently. We discussed a variety of topics, looking

Straws and Lipstick

I came across this connection while watching TV. It flew by quickly, and I may

Getting to Know a Stranger

I was flying to Toronto recently on Porter Airlines. The actual airline is important. It

Nothing Is Perfect – So Play Along

I know this sounds a bit risky, a gamble if I must say it in


The Pleasures of Frustration

I was listening to my wife do her daily crossword puzzle this morning. And no,

Friends with Benefits

I am sure many of you will know what this code is for. I was


Making Rebellion Irresistible

I came across this phrase about the artist’s role in our society. I first considered


My Micro-Environment Impacts Me

I have a cat problem. In fact, I have two of them—I mean problems and