Are You Average with Your Tech Use?

I came across some stats that you might find interesting. They researched those aged over 50 in mid-2020, a few months after covid started to become real. I wondered how I have changed over the life of the pandemic to date.

Come along on this ride with me.

They found that 65% had a cell phone, and 83% used it daily. I was late to the party and only owned my first cell phone in 2018 – January. I felt I had the mental energy in retirement to figure out this technology and limit the negative aspects.

I remember that when I was off work, I would put my work phone away, unlike all the other younger team members. There was some good-natured joshing to get me up to speed and stay connected. My boss took a vote to see who thought I should use my work cell phone and stay connected as they did. To my surprise, the vote was unanimous not to have me go in that direction. After I got over the shock of such a personally-targeted vote, I realized that others felt somewhat envious that I defended my home life.

They found that 23% used video calling. I had used Facetime very sporadically and never got to Skype. Now I use Zoom regularly, at least a few times a week, to connect with friends and relatives and participate in my volunteer and personal interest activities.

They found that 37% use social media. I didn’t use Facebook and other social media until I was ‘forced’ to as part of my interest in live music. I needed to connect with artists, and many no longer had websites but had moved to Facebook.

They found that 19% over the over 50 crowd used online shopping for essential items like groceries. I did very little online ordering until the pandemic. Then, one of my most significant expenditures, for groceries, was done only online.

They found that 13% engaged in online activities such as book clubs and games.  I didn’t do this online before the pandemic, and I still don’t.

They found that 52% had at least one telehealth appointment. I had zero of these health appointments online. I’ve had several during the pandemic, and I was very satisfied with the process and outcome.

So please give this a bit of a think. It’s a three-parter. What is one piece of technology that you have adopted since the pandemic? What is one part of technology you have an interest in using but haven’t yet? What’s stopping you?

In answering the last question, what is the worst that can happen? It is unlikely that world peace is at risk. There is a good chance that being embarrassed as you climb the learning curve might be a significant element.

As an older adult, I think you’d be surprised at the skills you’ve acquired to deal with being embarrassed and then be able to move on to your goal.

Please let me know what you’d like to take on and learn how to use it.

I’m curious about your thoughts. Please leave your comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Are You Average with Your Tech Use?

  1. Elaine Hubert says:

    Relying on children or grandchildren to help with tech problems or learning a new process is not the answer. Where can we go to learn at our seniors rate?

  2. Chris says:

    I never used my laptop for (or participated in) video call untils COVID.

    Now they are a regular part of my work life and a irregular occurence in my social life.

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