I Like Cheap Storage

I’ve learned that in 1980 it cost $250,000 to have 1 GB of digital storage. In 2019 it was as cheap as two cents/month. Now that’s quite a drop in storage fees. It is so cheap that I am fortunate not to factor it into my monthly financial budget plan to the extent I used to. I do still keep an eye on it, looking for storage cost creep.

I wondered what that meant for me, particularly as a senior. I find it useful to draw an analogy between digital storage and my brain. I know I’m needing to store more information in my mind, but I do it less successfully than I used to. Some data doesn’t even get in past the gate. Some is lost inside or takes way too long to retrieve.

I’ve made a pledge to myself that I would try to embrace new technologies, but only if it improved my life. I’d give new things a try, but I try to have an exit strategy, the most straightforward approach is the delete button.

A recent example of this occurred when I was on vacation. Yes, remember those days! I’m talking pre-pandemic. I was taking lots of pictures with my cell phone when a message popped up that I was out of storage. My free 500 GB was getting close to capacity. Now what? I certainly didn’t want to spend my precious holiday time reviewing pictures and having to choose what to delete. So I took the effortless option available to me and upgraded my plan with a click. I knew I could reorganize my life when I got home and downgrade my plan. Unlikely, though, given the inexpensive cost of the upgrade.  This is the start of creeping costs for digital storage.

So as an older adult or senior, give a bit of a think about how you could get your toes into the more millennial world of a digital life—no need to jump in at the deep end. Toes are perfectly acceptable. Here’s an idea. Start with the Calendar, Timer and Contacts functions on your cell phone.

I use the calendar more than ever before, now that I am retired. I input all those dates when I first get them and ignore my thought, I’ll remember that!

The Timer is good for my short term memory or lack of it; Let the BBQ cool then cover it, before bed, put the thawing food back into the fridge, and I have to leave in 30 minutes.

I use the Note field in my contacts to recall details related to a specific person. I jot down the Christmas present idea that I had in June. I include key search words such as “plumber” so I can easily find the contact without knowing the name of the company.

Try taking 5 minutes, right now, to use the technology right at your fingertips.

BTW the featured image is of my portable 2 TB hard drive.

My thanks to St. Albert Seniors Association: 780-459-0433 for making this Blog possible.

Glenn Walmsley

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6 thoughts on “I Like Cheap Storage

  1. Elizabeth Ashton says:

    Very well written. Great advice on using your phone’s toolkit. I have only recently started doing that a bit more and find the pre event reminders very handy.

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