I Won’t Be A Bewildered Tourist

I have been very fortunate to have travelled from my home in North America to many countries in western and eastern Europe. I try to honour my privilege by ultimately appreciating the gumption of the people of the countries I visited. Grit and determination abound.

Each country has its own biography from different points of view. Each has its own underbelly that, to many, is best left forgotten. The people have developed their own truths. To the victor, the pen of history is handed.

I am amazed at the resiliency of people around the world. Currently, several countries are having a form of democratic elections in the form of massive street demonstrations. I can’t envision that form of democracy working in Canada. Still, it has proven to have considerable effectiveness in many dictator-led countries.

When I hear my brain think, “I don’t know how anybody could…”, I stop myself because if I continue to feel that way, I’ll never know. I’ve implicitly defined it as a question without a solution.

Instead, I reframe the thought. Why would a person believe that their behaviour is the right choice for them at this moment in time? Now I’ve challenged myself to answer my own question. I’ve moved from a permanently bewildered tourist to a curious visitor.

Think of something that didn’t make any sense. Let’s walk through this one. “I don’t know how anybody could eat crickets as food.” This phrasing now has set up a situation with an implication that no solution exists. Rephrase it. “Why do people eat crickets.” I googled that very statement and found all sorts of responses. Critical thinking was needed to evaluate the claims.

Key common concepts such as price, availability, protein, refrigeration, ease of preparation, the security of supply came up repeatedly. Now I appreciated the ingenuity folks showed and from whom I could learn.

There are a few cricket farms in Canada. I found some cookbooks, as well. Here is a short excerpt from ”Tiny Farms” website:
Roasted Crickets are a perfect crunchy high protein snack and can also be added to salads or tacos. Available in Smokey BBQ flavour.

I’m not very adventuresome when it comes to food. I prefer the familiar with maybe a slight twist. Eating crickets is anything but a slight twist. However, I thought it was safe, and the worst that could happen is I spit it out. Although I’ll try hard not to do that. I’m going to buy a pouch of crickets and start slowly by mixing them into a stew or chilli.

And this all started with not wanting to go through life as a bewildered tourist.

Why not give it a bit of a think, and try some crickets – or whatever food is unfamiliar for you.

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Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

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6 thoughts on “I Won’t Be A Bewildered Tourist

  1. Del Shafer says:

    Well said Glenn, all too many of us believe our opinion is the right one and our belief is the only true one. It’s my opinion that understanding of other’s beliefs and practices would benefit our lives. I am not sure I will add crickets to my regular diet tho, even I accept that others can and do.. Thanks for continuing the informational blogs.

  2. Donna says:

    Enjoyed your blog.
    It has always been my belief to “do as the Romans do, when in Rome”
    Different proteins can be interesting and tasty.
    I’ve eaten alligator steak, frog legs, and turtle. All were quite good. Still can’t appreciate caviar.

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