I’m Taking Control

I’m practicing social distancing. Please do it too, for your own sake and others.

I’m at home with my wife. I’m fortunate, so I know my comments may not apply to all, but the concept behind my response to covid-19 can help.

Much of my life is out of control – out of my control. There are many things I can’t or shouldn’t do. One action I can take is to identify where the “cup is half full” and take charge of those things in my life.

Here’s my personal example.
Over the previous 25 years, I collected stamps. It wasn’t even a hobby. I’m not even sure why id did it. I was a lazy collector. I had an account with Canada Post, which sent me a set of stamps and First Day Covers (date of issue on specially printed envelopes.) Twenty-five years! What was I thinking?

With my Movin’ On after fulltime employment, I had the time to sort that collection out and sell them before my children were left with the task of throwing them out in the future.

Well, it took our collective house arrest to provide the time and opportunity to sort out my stamps with the intent of selling them.

With over 2,000 entries in the database, with each entry involving filling in 10 fields and taking a picture of each entry, believe me, I’ve needed lots of hours. This task had a beginning and an end. I valued it. I would have a sense of accomplishment. It would save others grief and anguish if they had to decide what to do with the collection.

As involuntary shut-ins, we can look around at things we have said, such as, I wish I had more time to…”. Perhaps we’d fill in the blank with the family, read a book, listen to music, watch a concert on YouTube all the way through, learn how to bake my own bread, clean out that cupboard, and so on.

Now is a great time to call your own bluff. You have the time. Take control. Do at least one of the things on your own list by the end of next week.

In the meantime, please take social distancing seriously. It may not lower the total number of people with the virus, but it spreads it over a more extended period. This makes time and resources available; doctor’s appointments, ER visits, ICU admissions, ventilators.

The one thing that makes a difference – stay 6 feet, or 2 meters apart.

The virus needs lungs, so don’t give it your set.

My thanks to St. Albert Seniors Association: 780-459-0433 for making this Blog possible.

Glenn Walmsley