Pandemic End is Near

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much as I realize hope is not certain. But it is hope, and I can use some of that.

After less than a year of the pandemic, I thought it would last a long time, measured in the year(s) looking through a global lens. I wanted and probably needed something to look forward to that was reasonably realistic. I skipped over hope for that being 2021. I landed in the summer of 2022.

Even that far ahead, international travel was a significant risk safety-wise. But I thought a Great Canadian Cross Canada Road Trip was at 60:40 probability.

I plunged in, grateful for the possibilities.

It started with a westward trip to dip my hand in the Pacific ocean, then head to the east coast to dip in the Atlantic ocean. Now I was getting some place.

I set a guide rail to simplify my planning – Take the Trans Canada Highway (TCH) and checkout things within a 100 km range from the main road.

I know some folks would have a guide rail of never driving on the TCH. The backroads would be more scenic; to each his own. I’m trying to be true to who I am.

We allowed about two months total time. This is an arbitrary amount but something I could do while still having a plan in place for cat-care, keeping within our finances, and not worrying about our aging car-reliability.

Now to build a pool of attractions, restaurants, relatives, live music venues, and more.

I like movies and many TV shows. I have visited sites of the Beachcombers, for example. (For those younger-older adults, it was a Canadian west coast show that ran for many years.) I got to talk to one of the stars, Constable, Constable before shooting began. I also visited the location for Corner Gas in Rouleau, Saskatchewan. I had lunch in the bar right where Brent Butt sat. Oh, the joy!

Using several websites for movie locations in Canada, I pinned more attractions onto my map of Canada.

I’ve continued to tinker with the trip planning. I have subscribed to an app, Road Trippers, that takes care of the minutia. (Disclaimer: I receive no compensation for mentioning this app.)

It looks more than hopeful now that the trip can happen, maybe 80:20 or better.

This project has given me pleasure. My time has been exciting and challenging. Distracting, too, in a good way. It was beyond just keeping busy as I had some passion for it. And it cost me very little. I kept everything flexible. I would reserve accommodations much closer to the need.  I tracked significant changes in gas prices on a nifty spreadsheet I created. I used $1.50/L, but the recent jump means an adjustment is required.

Please give this a bit of a think. What is something you’d like to do that will involve some planning? Can you enjoy starting the planning now? Would it bring you joy? Remember your plan, your rules. You can plan it in whatever detail makes you happy.

I’m curious about your thoughts. Please leave your bit of a think below.

Photo by GeoJango Maps on Unsplash

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