Real Estate Agents vs. Colour Commentators

I try to listen carefully to what is written or said. I try to pause and think about what wasn’t written or spoken.

During the past NHL play-off rounds, I was caught up in the excitement of critical games and specific shifts on the ice. I heard the announcer call the play that led to a goal. Then within a few minutes, the other team scored. The colour commentator, after the fact, then commented that it is always dangerous for the team that scored the first goal. They can bask in the moment of success for a short while, giving the other team an advantage. In the example I gave, they were promptly scored upon.

Let’s skip the video back and wonder what the commentator might have said if the same team had scored both goals. Probably something like a goal always gives the momentum to that team, that extra jump, and gives them the advantage to score another quick one.

No matter what happens next, the colour commentator has some comment that sounds informative.

In the real estate arena, these agents have credible comments regardless of what is happening in the market. You will hear that it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. Either way, the real estate agents encourage you to be interested in using their services.

I’ve never heard a real estate agent describe the market as a ‘wait-and-see;’ stay out of the market for now.

So, I call it a tie in the competition between real estate agents vs. colour commentators.

They both appear more informative than they are.

I still enjoy the colour commentator’s description. They add to my enjoyment.

Please give this a bit of a think. Reflect on your experience. Can you identify a short topic or statement?

Now try two approaches. First, play ‘what if.’ For example, “Now is the time to buy cryptocurrencies because their price continues to rise.” This could be seen as “Now is the time to sell your crypto-currencies because prices will not rise forever.” Now it isn’t as clear what to do – yet both have an element of truth.

It can be helpful to pause after hearing a statement that seems self-evident.

Is there an aspect that the statement is after the fact? Hindsight is 20-20.

Second, try using a phrase to describe something. How else might it be defined? For example, the ‘cup is half full.’ It can also be described as the ‘cup is half empty.’ The speaker’s perspective is revealed by the choice that is made.

You can help protect yourself by pausing to reflect on what you heard. Then change one of the elements of the statement. The outcome is usually fun and exciting.

I’m curious about your thoughts. Please share your bit of a think below.

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