Trampled by the River of Time

I don’t want to be trampled by time. Time marches on as sure as death and taxes will forever be in our lives.

My approach is to think of the future as if I were floating in a river. I have several options as I bob along into the future. I could deny my situation and swim upstream. Eventually, my energy will be gone, and I will end up in a future I didn’t want only too exhausted to deal with it successfully.

I could swim straight downstream. This would bring my future to me more quickly, thereby reducing my time to plan and make adjustments. Or I could pick the typical Canadian option and swim downstream at an angle, eventually reaching the safety of the shore.

It is this latter option that I usually pick.

This summer all the large outdoor festivals will be closed. I usually attend at least 5 summer music festivals with my wife. I am going to miss these soul-enriching times in the outdoors. I used them as a time to reflect on the past year and determine enhancements as to how I lived my life through the next year. All the while, I listened to beautiful music in all kinds of weather and explore food choices from the many food trucks and near food trucks.

I could choose to swim upstream and moan about the loss I felt in my life. I know nothing lasts forever. The good stuff never stays long enough, and the bad stuff stays too long.

Swimming downstream would mean I would feel powerless. Just let it happen. That usually never ends well.

So, I decided to swim downstream at an angle. First, I was going to have a lot more money in my pocket. That gave me a chance to review my spending priorities and make sure the basic necessities were in good shape. I found that left me with some disposable income I hadn’t planned for.

I receive so much joy from live music. I decided to put that newfound money towards donations to support musicians who had suddenly lost most of their revenue streams. In a small way, I wanted to help ensure they would be around post-pandemic to write songs and play music in my future.

Don’t focus for too long on the list of things we miss. Try using this interlude, as it is absolutely temporary, to invent new ways to contribute to your own quality of life. Giving to others, and doing something different are too broad categories.

Giving can be as simple as send a check-in text to those you love and care about. If being more analog-like is your thing, then grasp that world and make a call.

Doing a journal might be of interest. What a fantastic record you could create for your ancestors. If you had a family journal handed down from the time of the Spanish Flu, I bet it would be fascinating reading.

However, you choose to respond to this pandemic, you have far more control than you might think. Seek out those opportunities.

By the way, the clock says it is 10:20. Enjoy.

My thanks to St. Albert Seniors Association: 780-459-0433 for making this Blog possible.

Glenn Walmsley