Transformation as an Individual Project

I know that transformation is about change. The real interest for me is how to change myself as the core element within my sphere of influence.

It helps to not believe glib generalization that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I may be moving into the old dog classification, but I am confident I can learn new things.

I heard about a comment made at a Geodesign Summit that packaged the concept of transformation this way. “Transformation is not just about change; it’s about leaving behind the past to focus on the future.” 

This brought the concept of transformation, even of large-scale concerns, down to the individual level. With my predilection for taking on projects, the idea of change and a project meshed very nicely.

As I age, I seem to prefer to change less. I’m getting tired of having to change and cope with change all about me. But, I also believe the old adage, the only constant is change.

So when I was Movin’ On from 48 years of full-time employment, I committed to a personal transformation project. In the form of a Statement: I will be much more digitally engaged.

I used the stereotypical Millenials as a guide while realizing that guide might be unrealistically too high a goal for my needs.

I had an experience several years before my departure from paid work that lay dormant – until now when I used it as an example to spur me to change.

I was to meet a person at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival at one of the gates, amongst thousands of people, to pick up my ticket in a drive-by drop-off – with No Stopping signs in plain sight. Oh, the rebel that I am!

I had never met her. I sent an email with my lengthy description of what I looked like and what I would be wearing. She emailed me back with her photo from her cell phone. I knew I needed to use technology to make my life easier as I aged. I would do that by thinking of it as a project – a manageable scope by my definition.

Now, over 3 years into retirement, I do a lot more digitally than use my Apple Watch to just pay bills and answer the phone.

Please give this a bit of a think. How could you take on a limited project to become comfortable and use one new digital aspect of your life? What about making an appointment online: Fill your next grocery shopping online, check the weather in another city of interest, or check out a world-famous building on Google Earth?

I’m curious about your thoughts. I read every one of your comments.

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2 thoughts on “Transformation as an Individual Project

  1. Patti+Dolman says:

    We swim at a local outdoor pool surrounded by a playground/park and picnic tables. On a whim after our swim we ordered pizza online and Uber delivered to the parking lot and texted that he’d arrived. We marvelled at how technology has made everything so convenient.

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