Look Up. Look Way Up.

I need to look up as part of my self-care. During this pandemic, it is healthy and helpful to look way up.

The Friendly Giant told us to do this before entering his castle, as he adjusted the furniture, particularly the little rocking chair. But let’s go further – all the way to December!

Even if we did nothing to protect ourselves, the virus would eventually burn itself out. It would not be able to find any humans who didn’t have immunity from surviving it already or hopefully were vaccinated. Of course, the death toll would be unimaginable but very real at the same time. In other words, there is a guarantee that this pandemic will pass.

During tough times I find it helpful to pause occasionally, look up, and reflect on the future. What will it be like?

Past global disasters give us some insights. Yes, this one is different. But human nature hasn’t changed that much, and I think that aspect is what I can focus on.

We will struggle with how we’ll know when it is over. Unlike a birthday which technically ends at midnight, the pandemic will have a much messier end. There will not be a moment in time. Oh, there will be a declaration that with no new cases for a specific number of days is, by definition, the end of the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean the virus doesn’t exist. Will it now be safe to take public transit?

I tell myself that the end will be messy and poorly defined. I prepare myself for messy, so I’m not surprised. It also prepares me to take control of more aspects of my life. I start to, at least mentally, identify those areas, going out, associating with people who are very unlikely to have the virus, barbequing, and on it goes.

I also realize that there are a lot of indoor projects I should tackle now. When the quarantine rules are reduced, I’ll want to be outside. I don’t want to look back and kick myself for not being more productive when I had the chance.

So please, take a few moments to look up. Look way up. This too, shall pass. You can plan now to be ready for that change. Eventually, life will look as it did in the past while never really returning to the same thing. A conundrum. The clock cannot be turned back. We can impact what our own new normal will be.

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Glenn Walmsley