Where Should I Put It ?

I confess I like things that have an element of a trick or illusion to them – things that take more than a glance and often unfold, figuratively, as you scan it. I have a few such trickeries in my home, and I rarely tell people that they are looking at one. The fun is in their self-discovery. Sometimes it just takes an extra stare. Other times it takes several visits. Sadly, sometimes folks never see the complexity of what they looked at.

The picture of the older couple was on the wall of a home I visited for the first time to attend a House Concert. I was some distance away from the painting, but it grabbed my interest. Two people are staring into each other’s eyes.

I looked down at the floor as I approached the painting so as not to knock other objects or hit furniture in my unfamiliar surroundings. Gasp! As I looked up, I saw 3 other people in this picture. Were there more that I had missed?

I just loved the joke that had been played on me. Standing back, I could take the picture in as a whole, but closer, the different parts unfolded to reveal the details and complexity.

I talked to the host about how much I enjoyed the picture. I told her about a few of my similar items. Then as I was leaving, we chatted, and she suddenly left, quickly returning with this picture as a gift. I assured her I would appreciate it for many years.

I needed to find just the right place in my home to help it spread its joy amongst my friends. It needed to be seen at a distance but yet approachable to take in the details.

Thankfully I have a very tolerant wife, and she helped find just the spot. No, not in the furnace room but in the kitchen, right under the cuckoo clock.

This little adventure, full of surprises, unfolded because I followed my Movin’ On slogan of retirement – Say Yes More Often.

It was a new home in a part of the city. I didn’t know very well. I browsed the rooms that were readily open to me. I was curious and needed to look at the picture more closely before just dismissing it. I initiated a conversation with the host and told her about the painting. I graciously thanked her for the gift at the end of the evening.

All of these mini moments happened because I initially said yes.

It is important to be open to new experiences. Our comfort zone is a place to visit but not one to rarely leave.

It took me too long in my life to adopt the slogan-Say Yes More Often. So, I encourage others, especially the older adults and seniors, to stop for a moment when you might say no or otherwise dismiss an opportunity. Why not say yes? Really, how healthy are your reasons for not having an adventure?

My thanks to St. Albert Seniors Association: 780-459-0433 for making this Blog possible.

Glenn Walmsley