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I referenced the concept of “sphere of influence” in a Blog recently. I wanted to develop that idea a little further, then tie it in with our undervalued life experiences.

I define my sphere as including any person I love, who love me and any acquaintances I interact with regularly. I know I can’t change the world, but I can impact my sphere of influence. I can help make it a better world. Fortunately for me, this sphere also helps to make me better.

I read that the UK firm, Ovo, looked at carbon footprint data. They concluded that if every adult in the UK just sent one less “thank you” email per day, it would cut 16 tons of carbon each year, equal to 22 round-trip flights between New York and London. They also found that 49 percent of us often send thank-you emails to people “within talking distance.”

For my purposes, it doesn’t matter if this is true or not. It does make the point that many minimal actions can make a significant impact. I can control many of those small actions.

With this awareness, I am sensitized to seeking out additional small actions that will make a difference. I don’t look to see if anyone noticed. I look to see if I missed any opportunities.

Did I push the automatic door opener, or did I use a small number of calories to open the door myself?

When being obviously out for an exercise walk and I pass a stranger, keeping our distance, did I look at them and say a friendly hello?

Did I take the opportunity to smile and say hi to an often invisible person, the cleaner, the transit driver, or the school crossing guard, for example?

As older adults and seniors, we have a treasure trove of life experience.

We can impact our respective spheres of influence by helping to bring joy, understanding, and betterment (if that is a word).

Our individual life experiences can be shared with others in moments. These times can be helpful nudges of advice all the way to a facial expression that clearly says, “I care.” These times are all around us, and we can train ourselves to see them. With reflective practise, we can change the world – one influential sphere at a time.

Give this a bit of a think. Identify a moment inside your sphere, along with a way to make it a better moment. Focus on locking that moment in, then wait for it to appear in front of you. Now, make that moment yours, for the better.

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

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Glenn Walmsley

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8 thoughts on “Sphere of Influence

  1. Del Shafer says:

    Excellent post, amazing what a positive impact these small actions have on our world and our selves, thanks for the post Glenn

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