All Trails Lead to…

I like walking, and not just the walks on a beach at sunset you might find popular in dating profiles.

I enjoy the solitary walks that give me space and time to gather my thoughts and ground my emotions in reality. I also enjoy walks with others, especially with my wife.

I have been fortunate enough to have the ability, physically and financially, to travel a bit after retirement. London, England is a favourite destination but this a love story for another time.

I came across an app for my phone called TubeWalker: Tube as in London subway, not as in YouTube. It has walks starting at every tube station on the public transportation system. I’ve enjoyed picking a station and discovering lesser-known parts of London. I never walk far from the station unless we head to the next tube station. Sometimes we are in a residential neighbourhood, sometimes a light industrial area – always fascinating to absorb at the speed of a walk.

One of the more astonishing walks occurred just off a frequently travelled highway between my hometown and Smithers, British Columbia. I had driven past it for decades but was too destination-focused to be interested in stopping at an ‘Ancient Forest’. It was probably one of those roadside rip-off attractions.

Well, the last time travelling that familiar route, I decided to stop and explore after it was recommended by my niece, whose opinions I highly respect and value.

We almost missed the sign. We entered the small parking lot and took a spot with the other half dozen cars. I took out my AllTrails app.

Disclaimer: I receive no compensation for mentioning the app.

AllTrails is what the name indicates. It shows trails in the broadest of definitions around the world.  I quickly found the head of the Ancient Forest trail just a few yards into the woods.

I’ve been curious about many off-road trails I’ve passed. You’ve probably noticed them with signs saying, a 2.3 km walk to the falls. Usually, there is a labyrinth of paths with many intersections I could take. I think I’ve been fearful of getting lost because of my curiosity.

But AllTrails gave me the confidence to give this trail a try. It is listed as 2.7 km with an elevation gain of 256 m. I can do that. As I walked, I could see the entire trail on my phone and my current location. Essentially a big circle with 2 off-shoots that were dead ends.

This walk was the most surprising and emotionally engaging of my life. With just a few yards of walking into an ordinary forest, I entered the ‘ancient forest.’ Many of these trees are over 1,000 years old! I won’t bore you with the definition of old vs ancient forest. But I was stunned. It was damp and quiet, and all around were trees that reached the sky with trunks many feet in circumference. The footing was excellent but, at times, a bit slippery. Purposely built steps were frequently available.

The only words to describe that experience are surprise, serene, and somehow hallowed ground ring true.

Please give this a bit of a think. What is one place on earth that is special for you and helps you emotionally recharge?

I’m curious about your thoughts. Please share your bit of a think in the comment section below. It will come to me for approval before posting.

Photo by Lois Love.

Click to learn more about this ancient forest

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