I Want to be My Own Cult Film

I didn’t see this Blog coming. It started with a radio program about films. Innocent enough.

It defined a cult film as being undefinable. It crossed genres. The interesting dilemma is that you can find these cult films by googling “cult films” – they have become their own genre. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is at the top of many cult film lists.

Other characteristics help us recognize a cult film. It has to be different, new, strange, engaging. There needs to be enough content that keeps it relevant over time to each generation of moviegoers.

That’s what I want to be. Hard to define or label. As I’ve evolved, it has not been unusual to hear my friends say, “Oh, that’s so you.” I am my own genre, at times.

I have made a conscious effort to embrace the present moment while preparing for an unknown future. I’ve looked to the younger generation, facing its adult future for the first time around. It is having to find their own way, make their own mistakes, and succeed.

“Why Couldn’t They be Like We Were – Perfect in Every Way?” Because that does not serve us well now.

I look to my children and grandchildren, if not understand the world, to navigate it more successfully.

I encourage older adults and seniors to pause. Remember how long a minute of silence feels like on Remembrance Day. Try sitting down for 5 minutes. Just focus on identifying 3 words that help to describe who you want to be.

Now comes the hard part. What is one change in behaviour or thinking that you could start right now to move towards developing your own cult film, as it were?

Is it honest or happy, or perhaps caring? What about hardworking, or tough, or strong?

Let’s look at tough and strong as an example. To simplify we’ll think of these as referring to a mental resiliency. Addressing the thinking part for developing the cult film concept, let’s look to those around us who are younger and may have different ways of being tough. There is so much promotion about mental health. Maybe the toughness and strength of the next generation are that it is ok to seek out help. And better earlier than later.

Most government websites have links to resources for supporting your mental health. If you have young people in your life, ask them for some resources. Now that’s tough!

The second part of producing your own cult film is to surround yourself with a film crew you respect and can rely on. You know the team has your best interests at heart. Listen to them, consider what they say, then act.

Small actions accumulate into behaviours that ultimately define you – unique and cult-like!

My thanks to St. Albert Seniors Association: 780-459-0433 for making this Blog possible.

Glenn Walmsley